Ends on March 31, 2019

Faculty Union Award of Distinction Guidelines


In order to celebrate the achievements of faculty and to foster the spirit of appreciation for all that faculty members do, The United Faculty of Florida State College of Florida chapter seeks to recognize significant achievements by a union member who has distinguished him / herself by going above and beyond the normal job duties as a faculty member. This award will include a certificate and a $500 monetary award. The award shall be presented to one faculty member each Fall and Spring semester. 


1. Applicants must be full time, actively teaching faculty (not on sabbatical or other leave).

2. The faculty member MUST be a dues paying chapter member of the UFF-SCF.

3. Faculty in position of officer, representative, senator, negotiator, or Award Committee member are ineligible. 

4. Applications must be received by October 31 and March 31 respectively.

5. To apply, faculty must not have won the Award in the past 12 calendar months. 

Committee Procedures

1. Faculty committee shall be chosen from a voluntary lottery system prior to the nomination period and shall consist of five dues-paying chapter members of UFF-SCF. 

2. The Union President shall chair the committee ex-officio. 

3. All nominations will be reviewed by the Faculty Leadership Awards Committee according to the review matrix found in the application system. 


1. Faculty must submit the self-nomination form and 500-word (maximum) narrative supporting the nomination.

2. Notation of accomplishments must be limited to a period of one year (12 calendar months), and all accomplishments must be achieved in entirety prior to the application deadline. 

3. The narrative may focus on the faculty member’s leadership, impact of efforts, contribution to the college and community and/or professional development. 

4. Incomplete applications or applications filled out incorrectly will not be considered. 

5. Submit these materials to the online application system by midnight of the appropriate deadline (no late submissions will be accepted).


Faculty Leadership Awards recognize significant achievements union members have accomplished above and beyond their job as faculty member (beyond teaching, beyond preparing, beyond online classwork and preparation). Sample criteria includes but is not limited to: 

1. Course, program or community development that enhances student learning and educational opportunities for growth and increases awareness of the college. 

2. Specific college or community involvement that results in high profile recognition and/or accomplishment(s). 

3. Advising students’ academic growth and achievement beyond the classroom.

4. Development of student-focused educational outreach programing with statewide, national or global emphasis.

5. Publishing scholarship, textbooks, software programming, or research results in peer reviewed formats that garner acclaim and elevate the individual’s and/or the college’s reputation in the field.